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Persian tool product quality guarantee and after sales service terms

  • 1、 Product standard:

    In 2008, the company signed a long-term and all-round strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai station of national light industry tool hardware quality supervision and testing station. All products are produced and inspected in strict accordance with GB national standards and relevant international standards. And in the production process and before the finished products are put into storage, we will strictly carry out random inspection and full inspection, and strive to reduce or prevent the unqualified products from entering the market. The full series of Persian tools products will serve the majority of users with professional hand tools with stable quality for a long time.

  • 2、 After sales service

    All Persian tool products in the normal use process due to material, process defects or improper operation and quality damage, can be in the country's local Persian dealers unconditional free replacement and warranty.

    The rust, surface trauma and plastic handle damage of the product after use are not within the scope of warranty and replacement.

    Natural wear and tear of products or improper operation during use lead to product damage, which is not within the scope of warranty and return.

  • 3、 Warm tips

    For your safety and interests, please choose the right tool and use it according to the correct operation method. Thank You for Your Cooperation!

  • 4、 Right of interpretation

    The right of final interpretation of the above terms belongs to Hong Kong Persian Tools Co., Ltd. (Ningbo Shiji Persian Tools Co., Ltd.).

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