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Glory is memory.

Achievement is the starting point.

After ten years of pioneering, Persian tools have accumulated strength, transformed in innovation, sublimated in learning, and created a miracle in China's hardware industry with hard work and struggle, and achieved the goal of starting from scratch and reaching the industry benchmark.

Persia is a high mountain, tough and resolute, standing tall in the world's Oriental hardware industry.

Persian tools insists on striving for "creating international famous brand and setting up brand model". It is determined to become the model of national brand and compete with world brands.

Persia is a red sun, rising slowly from the eastern horizon. It has spent ten years writing the "myth of speed". It has become a dazzling star in the hardware industry. It has gone to the world to shine brilliantly with the sun and the moon.

Persia is a sailing ship. We are sailing. We will ride the wind and waves and sail straight to the sea. Persia is the base of cultivating talents. With humanized management and humanistic care, the enterprise culture - "pattern, passion, struggle and result" is a member of Persian family, which can enrich your life experience and improve your quality. Your life will be sublimated once again.

Persia is a broad stage. We sincerely welcome elites from all walks of life to show your talents, to see you, to perform your brilliance, to achieve your dreams, to develop and grow together with Persia, and to create more miracles and glories.

When the sea flows across the sea, we can see the true character of a hero. The waves have wiped out all the romantic figures of the ages, but we still have to look at the present day.


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